About me

Ever since I was mixing Nesquick and apples as a kid and making "perfume" from geranium leaves and mud my parents knew I was destined to be a chef at least, rocket scientist at most.

At the tender age of 10 I had already developed the temperament of a head chef (My aunt caught me chasing my brother down the passage way with a 12cm butcher's knife). My brother is now a fast runner and I learned to curb my tendencies to take my energy out on him and use knives to chop inanimate objects.

My mother was overjoyed (not at me me almost stabbing my brother) at the fact that someone else could now cook dinner. She put me to good use, teaching me the basics of curries, boboties, stews and puddings, and when I was old enough to spread my wings it was off to chef school for me.

There in Stellenbosch I learnt (among other things) how to clean things with toothpicks, scrub floors with toothbrushes, and of course all that deboning, farcis, rolling, whisking and kneading nonsense that you pick up along the way.

I had the pleasure of working with amazing chefs such as Matthew Gordon, Duncan Doherty, Margot Janse, and the extraordinary Franck Dangereux, who all still inspire me to this day.

I love to cook. I love to create and I love to entertain.
Plain and simple.
I hope I inspire you to feel the way about food, that I do.