DIY "motherless" white wine vinegar

If you are like me and have half empty bottles of relatively good white or red wine lying around. Don't throw it away, if the bottle is open or closed (white wine doesn't last too long) you can make your own wine vinegar with only these two ingredients, no "mother" needed.
A mother is the dense cloud of cellulose and acetic acid that you normally find lurking on the bottom of old bottles of vinegar. It looks revolting but is very useful in turning wine to vinegar. For this recipe you need just your old wine and some raw unpasteurized vinegar.

Makes just less than a cup of wine vinegar.
Mix together:
1 cup white or red wine 
3 Tbsp raw vinegar (unfiltered)

Pour into a bowl or wide necked bottle and cover with a cloth so the wine vinegar can breathe. Secure the cloth with an elastic band. The vinegar will need to be in contact with air to start to form vinegar.
Leave for at least three weeks.
Shake daily to mix up the film ( this is the mother) that will form on top.
After about a month, taste to see if it is to your liking, and then bottle and use as desired. Once it becomes vinegar, it can spoil if left unsealed.

White wine vinegar is great for cooking and dressings, as it add a lot more flavour and less acidity than your cheaper apple cider or malt vinegars. The better the quality of wine, the more flavour the wine will have.