Thirty, Flirty and Thriving.

Roast chicken on Rye with Fennel Coleslaw

A funny thing happened.
Well, I turned thirty (no that's not the funny thing), but a few months into being thirty my body just decided to change.
My metabolism shifted, foods that I ate with glee no longer agreed with me, they started to make me feel bloated and my stomach was not happy.
The funny thing is my dad told me when I was a kid how he loved rye bread, how it just agrees with him, and how he really can't "process" white bread and flours.
I used to laugh and go, "Yuck, rye bread!"
Now my stomach absolutely adores rye bread, it practically purrs with happiness when I tuck into a few toasted rye slices, and so I made a compromise, 70 and 80% rye seem to be the least brick-like varieties, and they seem to go down rather well.
So for now, all my recipes will be easier on the digestion, and without the use of white flours, so no sticky little cakes and doughnuts (sigh) the stomach has spoken.
Yet true to form, they will still be delicious to eat.

Roast chicken on rye with Fennel coleslaw
Serves 2

Fennel coleslaw:
2 small salad spring onions
2 baby fennel bulbs
1 small carrot, peeled and grated

Good slaw dressing: 
Juice of half a lemon, 
1 tsp olive or macadamia oil
Bad slaw dressing: 
1 Tbsp Mayonnaise

4 slices rye bread
4 slices roast chicken

Slice the spring onions and fennel bulbs.
Mix with the grated carrot and add your choice of dressing.
Layer two slices of bread with the chicken slices, and top with the coleslaw, finish with the top slice of bread and serve immediately.
You can butter and toast the rye, its totally up to you :)