These are a few of my favorite things

If you are going out and about and your sharpest sneakers just quite don't cut it at the Biscuit Mill, then head off to the market in Stellenbosch at the Oude Libertas. The waffles are deliciously naughty, handmade, hot and syrupy with either cream or ice cream. And you can buy anything from cheeses to  falafels, homemade eats to lunch, there really is something for everyone there.

I recently bought a bottle of Carrol Boyes wine for my sister-in-laws birthday from this market. (I later received a bottle from Pick 'n Pay together with a deliciously large hamper of Lindt chocolates all ready for Easter!) My favorite lunch is an oozy wedge of ripe Camembert, crusty bread, and a couple of Portion 36 Kalamata olives. Simple pleasures!

Onto my next favorite subject: chocolate!

Lindt have created a new hazelnut Lindt bunny, which my husband and I voraciously ate tested out one night last week. It had little nuggets of crunchy hazelnuts in the chocolate, we flattened it rather quickly. Deee-licious, just in time for Easter! Enter the code found on any of the 100g bunnies before 20th April to win a family cruise!

Lindt is holding a bunny race at the V&A, definitely worth diarising, even if it's only your kids that are allowed to ride the giant fluffy Lindt bunnies.
From Thursday 17th to 21st April, at Barrow Court, 11 to 2pm, and 3-6pm, sounds like fun!