Gourmet Movie Food : Tortilla Soup

I love Food movies. I voraciously eat  up cookbooks as if they are novels, spending time with each recipe like it was an old friend. But food movies, they just make me feel all happy inside. 
I have compiled a few posts called Gourmet Movie Food and I have included some fun recipes to try in the theme of my favourite movies.
First up is "Tortilla Soup". The movie follows the life of a widowed mexican chef and his three daughters. This is a movie about how life takes its twists and turns and how changes affect everyone in a tight knit family... Of course there are loads of gorgeous Mexican dishes, but the thought of making a Tortilla soup tickled my fancy.

When I watched this I fell in love with Mexican food.
Although, sadly I have never been to Mexico, that doesn’t mean that whenever I russle up some chilli poppers, or a plate of nachos, I’m not instantly transported to a bustling corner café, watching the sun go down, with a cold mojito glass in my hand.
This soup is mildly spicy, as jalapenos are not very hot, but you are more than welcome to reduce the chilli to suit your taste.
I did try the recipe out on non-chilli eating friends of mine, so as to get the balance right.

Serve this soup hot with fried (or baked) strips of golden brown tortilla, chopped fresh avocado,
more fresh coriander and grated mild cheddar on top. You can also add shredded cooked chicken, plain yoghurt or sour cream and lime zest.

Preheat the oven to 190◦C
For the soup:
2Kg (about 10 large) very red, very ripe tomatoes
40g peeled garlic cloves
350g (about 2 med.) deseeded red peppers
30g Extra virgin olive oil
250g red onion, peeled
15g pickled chipotle chilli (smoked pickled jalapenos chillis)
1g smoked paprika
15g salt
20g coconut or palm sugar
13g fresh coriander
5g fresh flatleaf parsley
250g boiling water
20g (l med. lime) lime juice
1g (1 med. lime) finely grated lime zest
410g fresh or drained tinned sweetcorn kernels

Remove the tomato point at the top (where the vine meets the fruit). Slice the tomatoes in half and place on a large baking tray.
Chop the red peppers in half, and add to the tray.
Slice any large peeled garlic cloves in half and add to the above baking tray with the red peppers and tomatoes.
When the oven has reached 190, place the tray in the oven, and roast the vegetables for 30 minutes.
While the vegetables are roasting, Pour the 30g of Olive oil into a large pot, and heat on the stove.
Finely chop the red onion and cook over a low to medium heat for 5 minutes, until soft.
Finely chop the chipotle chilli and add to the pot, also stirring in the smoked paprika. Remove this from the stove.
Once the vegetables have roasted for 30 minutes, remove them from the stove.
Cover the tray with foil and leave for 5 minutes.
The vegetables will steam, and therefore make removing their skins easier. (alternatively you can peel the vegetables before roasting to save time, but some of the flesh is lost).
Remove the skins and add the roasted vegetables to the large bowl.
Add in the 250g of boiling water and blend until smooth.
Using the sieve and a considerable amount of pressure, strain the tomato juice and pulp into the pot with the onions, only discarding the remaining skins and seeds which will be left behind in the sieve.
Add the chopped parsley and coriander leaves to the pot of soup, and blend again.
Add the corn kernels, and bring the soup to boil.

Simmer for 5 minutes, or until the corn is tender.
Add in the lime juice and zest, the palm or coconut sugar and the salt.
Stir well and serve hot, as is, or with traditional Tortilla soup accompaniments mentioned above.

Smoked Paprika? Go to Flavorite
Chipotle Chilis? Buy plain pickled from Pick n Pay
Pickled Jalapenos and Smoked chilli sauce? More sauce at the Biscuit Mill market on Saturdays.
or make your own here