Gourmet Movie Food : Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes
The movie "fried green tomatoes" is another brilliant food movie. Although its more of a drama than anything else, it still has some great food shots, and of course the invention of the fried green tomato.

There is something strange about eating green tomatoes, its almost like going against the grain. Especially when the redder ones are juicy and ripe, and far more inviting.
My best friend, however begs to differ. She loves the slightly greener tomatoes, for their tartness and firmer texture, and they make a rather delicious salsa with a firm bite and a bit of a crunch.

Fried green tomatoes are rather delicious. Be sure to season well, and play around with the coating mediums.

This american recipe calls for cornmeal, white cornmeal is like our mielie meal/maize meal and yellow cornflour is like polenta.

You can use: polenta, maize meal or maize meal flour, cornflake crumbs, breadcrumbs, semolina or oats (oatbran might be a bit chewy) as a cornmeal substitute.

Fried Green tomatoes

2 Large green tomatoes
1 egg, beaten
50ml flour
150ml corn meal substitute ie maize meal/ polenta meal/ semolina etc
ground black pepper
oil to fry

Slice the tomatoes to 1cm thick, discarding the tops and ends.Season well with salt and black pepper, and any spices you like. Have 3 bowls ready. In the first the beaten egg, the 2nd the flour and the third, the cormeal substitute. 

Dip the tomatoes in flour, then the egg mix and then the cornmeal substitute.

Fry until golden.