Different and delicious

I had this drink in my favourite restaurant in London, Busaba Eathai.
And it such an unusual mix of flavours, that they have stuck with me all these years.
Finally, when I noticed that Woolworths stocked clementine juice I jumped at the opportunity to taste those flavours together again. This is a delicious drink to complement thai food.

Zesty Mandarin/Tangerine or Clementine juice
750ml Mandarin, Tangerine or Clementine juice
1 lemongrass stalk
1 chilli, deseeded
5 sprigs mint leaves

Slice the lemongrass stalk, and bruise it with the flat end of a large knife. Slice the chilli in half, making sure there are no seeds remaining. Crush the mint leaves and place all of these ingredients into the juice container with the juice and leave to infuse overnight. Strain and then serve cold.

Alternatively freeze slivers of chilli, slices of lemongrass and mint leaves into ice blocks and add these to your glass of juice.

If  juicing your own fruit, add a small amount of peel for colour and flavour.