Breakfast Muesli jars with homemade yoghurt

Breakfast Muesli jar

Muesli jar
serves 1

120ml muesli
100ml plain yoghurt
1T honey
fresh fruit *optional*

In a clean jar, with a firm lid.
Pour in the muesli.
Top with the yoghurt and drizzle the honey on top.
Top with fresh fruit, seal and enjoy at work.

Home made yoghurt

I thought I would try my hand at making my own as it looks pretty simple and I am allergic to some preservatives that can be found in store bought yoghurts. Shelf life is two weeks in the fridge which is not a problem, and to start you only need 3-4 Tablespoons of store bought yoghurt to start you off. The resulting yoghurt was smooth and light with a very slight sour yoghurt taste, it was considerably thinner, but thickened up when left to go cold in the fridge.

2 L milk (skin or full cream)
3-4 Tablespoons cultured plain yoghurt
Boiling water
Cold water
A double boiler
Sterilized spoon or whisk
A thermometer (optional)
Stoneware/glass bowl
Plastic wrap
An electric blanket or "heating pad" (strange but true) otherwise the oven warming drawer on low
Yoghurt container for the fridge

Please take note of the last item needed, an electric blanket or heating pad is needed to maintain the temperature of the yoghurt for 6 - 7 hours.
I put mine in the oven warming drawer on low, about 3/4 (it goes up to 8).

In a double boiler (one pot with boiling water on the bottom, one pot on top holding the milk) heat the milk to 85C for 30 minutes. if you do not have a thermometer, this temperature is when the milk starts to hold a froth (as if you are making a cappuccino). 
Stir well using your sterilized spoon or whisk for 30 minutes.

Place the pot with milk in a basin of cold water, to quickly cool the milk down to 43.3C (just warmer than lukewarm). Or pour it into a cool sterilized bowl and place that in a basin of cold water.
Add the cultured plain yoghurt to the cooled milk.
Pour the milk into the glass or stoneware bowl and cover very well with plastic wrap (you don't want any bits getting in to your yoghurt!)

Place on a electric blanket or heating pad and keep warm for 6 to 7 hours.
Pour yoghurt into your desired container and refridgerate.

Lasts for 2 weeks in the fridge.