Spring in your step.

Lamb Kebabs, Chunky Salad and toasted Pitas

Yesterday was a truly beautiful day.

It was a toasty 26 decrees throughout the day, and ended with a relatively wind free war
m spring night.
Capetonians were out in their full glory, weeding their walkways, washing their cars and getting together for a braai.

It looks like winter has almost released its icy grip over the city, and summer is soon to be on its way.
So, there really is no better thing to do, than to rustle up some crispy salad and succulent lamb kebabs to grill or cook over the braai to celebrate another beautiful authentic south african spring afternoon.

Lamb kebabs, chunky salad and toasted pita breads.
serves 4

I used lamb leg in this recipe, that had already been cut up. Lamb is quite pricey, so you can substitute with beef or pork.
You can prepare everything before hand, and only need to cook or reheat the lamb

when guests have finished their starters.
and toast the pitas,

For the lamb:
500g Lamb leg chunks
4 kebab sticks

For the marinade:
3g fresh mint
2g fresh rosemary
2 cloves garlic
45ml (3T) olive oil

For the salad:
100g salad leaves
half a large cucumber, cubed
250g (about 20) baby tomatoes
*optional* 1 small red onion
4T plain yoghurt
Fresh mint
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

4 pita breads

You can prepare the lamb kebabs and the salad before hand.
When guests arrive you just need to reheat the lamb and toast the pitas.

Crush the herbs and garlic together, add a pinch of salt, and the 3T olive oil to make a paste.
Remove any excess sinew off the lamb and cut into 2cm chunks.
Add the paste to the lamb and leave to marinade (anything from 10 minutes).
Divide the lamb and skewer them (try not to pack to tightly).

Cut the cucumber into cubes, halve the baby tomatoes and slice the red onion thinly. Toss with the salad leaves and season with salt and pepper.
Toss with about 1T olive oil just before serving.

Slice the pitas in half, and place in the toaster for a few seconds until they brown very slightly and are hot. Alternatively place in the oven for 5 minutes to warm.

To serve:
Heat a griddle pan or pan on the stove.
Place the skewers in the pan, cook for 5 minutes for rare, 10 for medium rare, 15 for well done (time might vary depending on the size of the lamb chunks, check by looking between the chunks, if still red then it is still slightly rare).

Stuff the pitas with salad leaves, cubed cucumber, sliced onion and chopped baby tomatoes.
Spoon the yoghurt into the pitas and place the skewer on the plate.
You can either leave the lamb still on the skewers for people to take off themselves or remove them and stuff into the pitas – your choice, just make sure the lamb is piping hot for serving.

Alternatives: serve the lamb with mint jelly, or a tablespoon of hummus inside the pita bread. This would also be delicious with some tzaziki (yoghurt and cucumber salad).