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Chocolate Syrup

So after spending two weeks of patching up my grandfather's fence and instilling in my dog, Tosca, how bad it is to jump the fence and take himself for a walk, I was encouraged with a few words of wisdom.
Why don't you put something on the dog to deter him from jumping?
My grandfather swore by tying a shoe around his collar (not to strangle him, but to something he can worry).
I realised that "the cone of shame" might be a better option.
Purchased from the vet, this plastic cone is placed on the head and prevents dogs from licking stitches and other lower body parts in the event that they have just come from surgery etc.
Having a large plastic cone on my dog's head might just prevent him from enjoying his little luxuries in life, such as jumping the fence and fitting through holes, chewing his tail, and licking his unmentionables.
I will be checking out that option on Monday, so watch this space...

Otherwise here is a new addition to the back to basics recipes:
How to make your own chocolate syrup.
This can be used on desserts, used to fancy up hot chocolate and a plain dish of strawberries and cream, or just something nice to throw over icecream.

Chocolate syrup
serves 6
150g sugar
150g water
3T cocoa powder, sifted.

Boil the ingredients together for 5 minutes.
If the sauce crystallizes after setting, just add about 2T boiling water, and reheat, it will smoothen out again.