How to poach an egg

I have taken to really enjoying poached eggs.
You don't need any fancy equipment to poach an egg,
just a pot and a few essentials.

Poached egg
1 fresh egg
1 pot of boiled water
1 T vinegar

Bring a pot of boiling water to the boil.
Add the vinegar and half a cup of cold water.
Turn the heat down until the water is no longer boiling, but bubbles form on the bottom of the pot.
Swirl the water gently and break your egg into a small bowl.
Keeping the bowl close to the surface of the water, pour the egg into the hot water.
Using a spoon keep the egg white tidy by making sure it doesn't swirl around, but keeps a circular shape (keep the egg white close to the yolk).
Cook to your taste (soft boiled will be about 4 minutes, the white will have solidified over the yolk, and it will be easy to take out the pot with a spoon).