Hot cakes

Boxty (Irish potato cakes) with poached egg

Every time I visit a new country I pick up a recipe book.
I was in Ireland a few years back, and got a traditional recipe book, from Galway.
There is a little ditty that goes with this recipe :

"Boxty in the griddle, Boxty in the pan. If you can't make Boxty, you'll never get a man."
Irish proverb.

Similar to my grandmother's catch phrase:

"If you eat Bacon, you will get fat, and if you get fat, you will never get married".
Lara's Grandmother's Proverb

I was going to call this post "How to get a man Irish potato cakes".
But that kind of title was a mouthful and I'm not really sure you could actually bag someone with these potato cakes.
Sadly enough, I don't think being a good cook makes someone more attractive to the other gender these days, with take aways and ready meals, the urban socialite can get by on only knowing how to make toast, and still be seen as a successful and attractive individual.

This is sadness itself to me, as floundering in the kitchen can be so easily avoided by sticking to your basics and perservering.

Beginner cooks will be glad to see the start of two new pages on this blog: Back to Basics and Love your leftovers, which will contain recipes for basic cooking, and recipes to make your leftovers sexy.

Ps. I don't do this to be seen as an attractive individual, I do this because I love it, and if it inspires people along the way, then all the better.

I had some leftover potato, sweet potato and leek mash, so I decided to make these. They were absolutely delicious hot and cold, and were a brilliant way of using up extra mash potatoes.
My mash was quite soft, so I used 150g of cake flour. Add enough flour to make a thick, sticky batter that drops easily off the spoon (like drop scones).

Boxty (Irish potato cakes)

450g left over mashed potatoes
1 egg
100 - 150g cake flour
1t baking powder

Mix the egg into the mashed potato, add seasoning if needed and mix in the flour and baking powder, adding enough flour to make athick, sticky batter that drops easily off the spoon.

Heat a saucepan and add a small amount of oil.
When the pan is warm add spoonfuls of the mix and flatten. I made about 8 medium sized cakes, in two batches.
Cook the Boxty over a low heat until the one side is brown, about 5 minutes, turn over and heat the other side. They are done, when they are firm to the touch, if they feel soft, then the insides are still sticky.

Serve hot with a poached egg and some sweet chilli sauce.