10 things I love about you...

For the last 2 months (and a bit) I have been luxuriating through all my favourite recipes, and creating my list of "top 10 foods that I would gladly eat myself fat on."

If you have missed out on what I have been cooking up then here is an overview of what I find my "top 10" list on incredibly irresistible foods.

Number 1: Chocolate
The cherry on the cake per se as I share the secrets on how to make a wedding cake in a relatively stress free manner and still live after the
experience. "My Big Fat Spanish Wedding" allows you a peek into the world of what it would be like to be a bridesmaid and cake maker at your best friend's wedding while encountering chocolate shortages, a living in la la land dressmaker and the search for the perfect silver shoe. A recipe for dark chocolate flowers can be found on "Wedding Belles".

Number 2: Steak and Chips with Mushroom sauce
"Steak Out" shares my classic mushroom sauce recipe which is served with a mouthwatering T-bone beef steak, and some slender matchstick fries.

Number 3: Doughnuts
A fool proof recipe on making fluffy pillows of powdered goodness (AKA doughnuts) in "Dough Nutty".

Number 4: Pizza
Do I really need to go on about how fantastic pizza is? In "Pizza Pronto" you can choose from a classic Hawaiian with Parmesan cheese, or Artichokes and baby Tomato Pizza with Green Olives, Parmesan Cheese and Rocket.

Number 5: Burgers
The joy of choosing between a chicken fillet burger
with Mango chilli salsa or Beef burger with red onion relish and cheddar in "Die Burger" my post which waxes lyrical about my German grandmother and her strange eating ideals and my love for Burgers.

Number 6: Croissants
in "Cross" I waffle on about my puppy dog who chews my brand new leather wallet and I take my frustration out on the croissant dough.

Number 7: Pastries
My love for pastries and secret Samoosa obsession is discussed in "Chocolatey Claire"with a recipe on how to make foolproof Chocolate Eclairs.

Number 8: Fish and Chips
in "Spice it up" a friend and I experiment with fish and Mango, and create a fantastic spicy recipe for Herby Fish and chips with Mango chilli salsa.

Number 9: Butter
"Butter me up" is about how much I truly detest margerine, and how I try and convert my readers over to Butter with this Pear and Walnut Frangipane tart.

Number 10: Pasta
It all started here. The new Years resolutions were going well, and for once I was actually keeping them. Here I rant on about how much I truly truly hate dieting, and how the "ideal" in which we are forced to look up to is just plain ridiculous , I was just fed up on being forced to be thin and of being put in a box. In "How to eat like an Elephant" you will also find my version of a good Italian tomato Pasta sauce.