"My" Big fat Spanish Wedding.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

My best friend's wedding.
I chose to have this on top of the list, because I find that an integral part to cooking is always the small print, "Made with love".

My dearest friend asked me to make her wedding cake.
She also said the three most uncommon words found in the kitchen.
"I trust you".

This was fabulous as it allowed me to come up with something creative, yet similar in fashion to the 21st cake which I made years before.

After throwing around hundreds of ideas, I rested on this one:
a Triple layer chocolate fudge cake with two types of chocolate mousse icing surrounded by dark and White chocolate roses.

Now, if you have never made a wedding cake before you will not be aware that the "Wedding Cake Baking Process" is divided into many sections. Most of these sections include the word, "Panic".

1 shopping list panic
Why the hell do I have 2kg of butter in my trolley?

2 Return of the shopping list panic
Where the bloody hell is the butter?

3 Mathematical genius panic
I’ve done the calculations wrong haven’t I. 500g of cocoa powder? How? Why? (this precedes the mad panic to recalculate the entire recipe only to figure out that it was right in the first place).

4 Raw panic
I forgot an ingredient on my list (thank goodness I have a housemate whom I can beg off obscure items like 10g of icing sugar and cornflour).

5 The cake baking process.
This is actually the calmest time in the whole process.

6 The cake archictectual panic
How on earth am I going to balance 7 cakes on top of each other without them flopping over and hitting grandma in the eye?

7 The icing/glaze making panic
Also known as the ice bath process to prevent over cooking of the eggs (and also to dunk your head in, when things get too much).

8 Final touch of panic
This is when you peice together the final parts of the cake only to realise, that yes, it really did look better in your head. Bits of confectioner's wire, foil, metal rods, already made candy flowers and adornments are, as any good cakemaker worth their salt knows, priceless and worth their weight in gold, for when that peacock which you have lovingly spent 10 hours carving out of marzipan is melting over and touching the floor.

At this point you have a general feeling of awesome accomplishment, and think you are a cake making genius, hereby swearing to never do the whole process again.
And then you remember there is another wedding.
In July.

A week and 2 days of working till the wee hours of the morning, and being completely (and happily) covered in melted Belgium chocolate, The 17 inch high and 15 inch wide cake was complete.

Aaah but one look at their faces, and it just erases everything, all that hard work and stress and panic, just melts away. I would do it all over again (and I will, lol).

10 things I would gladly eat myself fat on
Number 1: Chocolate

Decadent Dark chocolate Mousse
Makes 2L (used to cover 4 cakes)

8 egg yolks
272 g castor sugar
180 g dark choc, melted
312 g butter, softened
160 g cocoa powder, sifted
500 ml cream
52 g icing sugar
* 250 ml whipped cream

Cream egg yolks together with the castor sugar until fluffy.
Beat over bain marie, until sugar has melted, making sure it doesn't heat over 80◦C.
Leave to cool slightly and add in the melted chocolate, and softened butter.
Sift in cocoa powder, and cool completely.
Whip cream with icing sugar and fold in.
Leave to chill in the fridge (can be frozen).
Always use when slightly chilled, to prevent melting, but not too cold or you will struggle to spread it.

*If using as a chocolate mousse, beat in an additional 250ml of whipped cream so it is softer, and less decadent.

Note: all photographs taken by the genius photographer, Willie Lategaan.


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