Kitchen Ninjas

My brother asked me attend a Potjie get together this Saturday, and asked me to wear black. Little did I know that it was a competition and I was the "secret weapon", for our group of 18 - "the Kitchen Ninjas".

We arrived to welcomes and I was a little aghast to see the lovely potjie pot of lamb boiling away merrily in its own juices. Each team was given a recipe, and left to their own devices. One team had marinaded their lamb in red wine for two days and were happily stirring a pot of purple meat, and another were armed with Ouma's recipe and oysters.

So after drumming in the importance of browning the meat on a high heat, we got to work, making sure all the meat was nicely flecked before adding in the red wine. One advantage was that the pot that the lamb was originally boiling in had made a really good lamb "stock" so I added some rosemary, a bit more water, and left that to simmer a little. Next step was to layer the vegetables in the pot, starting with the potatoes, and large chunks of butternut, and then the lamb, making sure there was sufficient seasoning and liquid from the stock and red wine.

We then added a tomato and onion mix to give it that extra flavour, and thickness and turned our attention to the second potjie of Chicken and mushrooms. We then left the potjies to simmer merrily away making sure that it wasn't too hot that they would burn.

Now that all the finicky cooking nonsense was finished, we decided to focus our attention on to more important tasks like: raiding the kiddies Jumping castle and practising our Ninja moves. Before long it was 4pm and time to set up for the judges. After holding our poses for long enough that all 5 judges got to sample our Lamb potjie, it was (drum roll) time to announce the winners!

We got 2nd Place! (Yay) Out of 8 (well theoretically 7 as one team froze icecream and chocolate into a potjie, so they didn't really do any cooking).
Job well done Ninjas!