It's a dog's life.

I have never "beaten up" a squirrel before. But then again, I'm sure there is a first time and place for everything. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not some crazy animal beating psycho. Well at least I wasn't before last Sunday. So it was a bit confusing when I found myself on a Sunday afternoon armed with a stick and staring down a squirrel.
It all started three weeks back actually. Autumn has definitely started to arrive here in Cape Town, and with the falling of the leaves, came the falling of the acorns. And, evidently, the squirrels. A particular squirrel has been harrassing my dog ever since they laid eyes on each other, and the game of "catch" began.
My lovable labbie cross Boxer dog is similar to Tigger in the way he bounces and bounds everywhere, and even though he is over a year and a half he is still as inquisitive as anything. So being more bumbly than fast, I was surprised to hear a strange squeaking sound coming from the garden. There I found Tosca tossing the squirrel from paw to paw.
I grabbed his collar to get him away from the scene, and the squirrel lunged and sunk his fangs into my dog's left leg. Before I could think of anything else, I found myself armed with a branch and attempting to fling the fanged rodent off my dog's leg as I could already see a considerable amount of blood.
Now some people say that squirrels are cuddly lovable creatures, but I have heard stories of them lunging from hedges onto unsuspecting children, and considering that the squirrel which was attached to my dog's leg, was pretty evil looking, I'm not so sure they aren't actually crafty little bloodsuckers.
Anyway. So, Tosca is fine. My nerves are (relatively) fine. It's all fine.
Except I did find Tosca chasing another squirrel this morning.  
*sigh* They never learn, hey.
FYI, There hasn't been an outbreak of rabies in the area for the last 50 years or so. So don't be like me and panic - stricken call the vet and blather on about rabies, when there really is no need.

NOTE: Squirrels are a protected species. Please don't beat them up...


  1. Squirrels are evil! When I was little I offered one of them Company Gardens residents a bit of the peanut butter on the sarmie mom packed for me, but it was obviously one of those peanut butter haters as it bit my finger. My stepdad panicked when I got to his office and took me straight to the doc, blathering on about rabies etc. Doctor Brink dutifully administered some injection; who knows if it was real or just a placebo - I'm sure they do that sometimes!