Andiamo, Alora!

I fell in love with antipasti way before I went to Italy. The first place I actually ever ate a plate of this was at a little place called "Andiamo" in the Cape Quarter, Cape Town.

I got a bit of a knuckle rapping from a friend because for a foodie such as myself, I should at least know where the Cape Quarter in Town is.

Well, I do know where it is actually, and I have been there quite a few times. Back in the day when I would go salsa dancing three times a week, there was a little place called Fiesta which would provide some fantastic music and a very small dance floor. Right opposite that is Andiamo's.

But anyway back to the antipasti, it was a glorious plate of cold italian meats and pickles, and to this day, I have never tasted "pickled onions" that were as sweet and sticky and moreish as the ones served there.

I had the pleasure of being offered the chance to preview their new breakfast menu with other local food bloggers, and in true Italian style, the table was groaning!
From fresh crispy breads, and a buffet of hot breakfast foods such as scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and sausages to assorted cheeses and cold meat platters, there was something there for everyone. Even pancakes, and freshly squeezed orange juice!

The atmosphere was relaxed and described as "unpretentious, friendly and with great service" (I couldn't agree more) and with more than enough room inside away from the howling elements it truly is a great place to have breakfast, or just to sit and relax.

Their ample breakfast buffet runs every public holiday and on weeekends(R59 p/p all you can munch, open from 9am to 11:30am, with Coffee and Tea charged extra).

They also run a fantastic breakfast special Mondays to Fridays, where breakfast dishes are R20.
For more information:
021 421 3687/8
Twitter: @andiamo_cq