Wedding Belles

Dark and White Chocolate Flowers

I was hoping to showcase this lovely dessert that I was working on,
But unfortunately defrosting the fridge was taking priority this weekend. (You know when you have more icicle than food in the fridge then its time to defrost! Especially after comments like, "Yoh Lara I can see a neanderthal frozen in your fridge!") After the wedding of course. Ah the wedding.
It was in short. Beautiful.
I do want to write more about it and I will, in a future post, but right now, I'm pretty knackered.

On Thursday I worked till 2am, and then Friday until late as well before the final day arrived on Saturday.
My brother and I left home at 7:30am to get to Century City to set up the cake, and there was such bad traffic it took us over an hour to get there.
I was just praying manically that my chocolate flowers, which had taken me two days to make, weren't melting because it was so hot, even in the morning!

We then spent about 2 hours in the walk in fridge putting the cake together, and it worked out really really well.
So here is a (small) sneak preview of the cake, and soon soon (I promise) I will post the full and final details of the cake!

Here are me and Tarin, grinning our faces off and making Bridemaids history because our dresses were truly beautiful (obviously not half as gorgeous as the Bride's!)
More photos to come, promise!

Dark Chocolate flowers
200 g Dark chocolate
65 ml glucose

Melt the chocolate over a bain marie. Using a thermometer make sure it doesn't eat over 32°C.
Add to glucose to the chocolate, and mix until it comes together.
Place in a plastic bag in the fridge and leave to cool.

* I found it easier to roll the warm chocolate between two sheets of plastic and then refridgerate, but it depends on how you will be using it. *
Once cool, roll out and shape accordingly.

* I also found that the dark chocolate doesnt like to be kneaded, yet the white chocolate does.*