Panfried Trout and Black Olive Tapenade

This is a sneaky little post between Christmas postings.
I just can't help myself- I received an unexpected mini little Christmas present so I have to write about it.

So.. .Everyone knows imnojamieoliver right?

Ok well, for those who dont he is a stay at home dad who worked his way through Jamie O's 20 minute meals in 3 months!

He is also the proud owner of a nice little plot of land (allotment) over the hill here in Cape Town.

I met Matt (his real name - obviously) at the Saturday soiree for foodies with Neill Anthony.
We got talking and found out that, apart from a love for food, we both enjoyed a spot of gardening. He obviously being the better of the two as his track record didn't include killing a cactus (yes, that was me).

So last night I had the pleasure of being shown around his proudly tended patch of land, and while gleaning some fascinating principles (the three sister's) he let me in on a few snail banning secrets, all organic of course...

Much to my surprise he hauled out a bag and started snipping away at the lovely leafy spinach and piling them in as he asked me if I wanted anything in particular.

So that was my mini present, a bag full of gloriously fresh veg grown with love and care from a friend's garden.
I couldn't wait to serve up a lovely crisp salad and was imagining some glorious salmon to go with it. So off to Woolies it was at 7:30pm, and at 7:40 I pranced out with some beautiful fresh trout.

So here is my simple little dish.

I fried the trout with a smidgen of Black Olive tapenade
I blanched the spinach in some boiling water until wilted.
Everything was tossed on the plate, drowned in Olive Oil, a good splash of Verlaque's Fynbos honey balsamic reduction, dotted with Black olives, salted and peppered and ) in some good quality extra Virgin olive oil and eaten with gusto.
And, it really doesnt get better or fresher than that.