Lazy Hazy Crazy days of summer.

Saturday morning started with a bit of a bang. I awoke at 8am, bleary eyed and with wild hair from my birthday party from the previous evening. I then realised that my map I had printed out earlier in the week was nowhere to be found. I had to be somewhere, in town by 9:30 to meet with fellow bloggers and foodies for a 3 course meal demonstration. Just where to go was a good question.

At my final arrival I was met by Jane Anne and a table laden with goodies: delicious macadamia and lavender biscuits and hot cups of freshly brewed coffee.

The atmosphere was one of a casual Sunday lunch, our view overlooked a gorgeous forest of ancient pines and willowy trees. Judy who graciously allowed us to use her home is in the process of growing a terrific crop of tomatoes and experimenting with all different varieties, im particularly keen to see how her banded "Mr stripey" tomatoes come out.
Neill Anthony was there early, peeling and chopping the vegetables and I was introduced to people I had heard of and was delighted to finally meet.

Conversation changed from topics ranging from “yes, but can we smoke it” from Sam Linsell of “the smoking shed” to the current bromance between Bill Granger and local boyhero Justin Bonello. Sam came bearing plates of equisite smoked tuna with caperberries and bowls of smoked macadamias and cashew nuts for us to munch on as we watched Neill work his way through mounds of flour to create delicious Spinach and Ricotta raviolis with a liquid egg yolk centre.
The menu was as follows:

Liquid egg yolk Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta
(served with Butternut mash and onion foam) 

Seared and roasted Salmon with White bean Vinaigrette and roasted baby Beetroot

Prune and Brandy souffles with lemon creme fraiche

Neill entertained us with his excellent cooking skills and gossip from working with Gordon Ramsey and other well known UK chefs.
His website and details

At the end of the day we each walked away with a lovely goody bag- some glorious Directors reserve Olive oil from Willow creek and Balsamic style Cab Sauv snap pack vinegar sachets,
a delicious oil or splash or vinegar from Verlaque,
a knob of delicately smoked butter and some smoked sea salt from The smoking shed,
and at my insistence 2 small tomato plants kindly donated to me from Judy which I then forgot to take home!
(Matt: Mr imnojamieoliver hopefully remembered to take his to plant in his allotment)

All in all, it was a fabulous day, the food was INCREDIBLE and masterfully prepared, and the conversation was magical, but as for me, im off home to sleep- am knackered.
Oh yes, then a recipe to think up hmmmm..
Ta ra!