A little bit o' spice

Chilli beef with Asian greens

Chilli beef with Asian greens
(feeds 1 person)
5ml oil
1ml chilli paste (adjust according to taste)
20ml Soy sauce
200g rump or frying steak sliced thinly.
1 whole bok choi (contains about 7 to 8 leaves)- look for plump juicy stalks, and wash thoroughly.
1/2 small onion
cooked rice

Cook your rice from cold water. I used sushi rice, beacuse I had some in the cupboard and it becomes stickly rather nicely. Add a splash of vinegar and a touch of sugar to the rice when its cooked and still hot and it gets a lovely creamy coating.

Heat a frying pan with the oil. Slice your onion and add to the pan, making sure that the heat is not too hot to burn them.

When they have been cooking for 5 mins, add the chilli paste and stir around. Add your thin slices of beef, turning the heat up so they sizzle.

Add the soya sauce (adding more if it evaporates too fast).

When your meat is almost cooked (depending on how you like it) add the bok choi. The leaves will cook quickly, and the stem will still have a lovely crunch. Cook for longer if you dont like the crunch.

Its well known that Chillis are hot, they are
also secret little metabolism boosters.
These hot little mamas are used in anything from curries for flavour and colour, to complex Thai dishes to balance the sweet with heat. Their hotness (measured on the scoville scale) is due to capsaicin which keeps your body burning calories for up to 20 minutes after eating.

According to the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, the zinginess you get from capsaicin triggers the flight-or-fight response in your nervous system—and that temporarily spikes your metabolism rate by over 20%.

Other fabulous ways to use chilli pastes:How about with scrambled eggs in the morning for a serious wake up call?

I had the most amazing juice which had (fresh sliced) chilli, mint and lemongrass in Mandarin juice.

Add to mayonnaise for a serious twist to chicken mayo sandwhiches.

So scoff away! If you can handle the heat...