A new beginning

The purpose of this blog is not to inform you on how to eat an actual elephant. After you cook it, of course. But rather as a bit of culinary fun.

I have never been taught to cook an elephant , or even entertained the thought of eating grey flesh and since its an endangered animal, I would probably be shot before it is.

The reason for this blog, is to share recipes and ideas, and advice. Because there are people out there who are misinformed about certain cooking things. For instance, my bread was always turning out like chewy rocks, until I realised that you have to leave it to rise twice.

A close friend of mine still uses self raising flour to make pancakes (the crepe kind, not the fluffy American ones).
This might not seem like a catastrophe to you, but to me its close to insanity, almost as bad as using crappy knives in the kitchen. Like bad recipes these should be buried and not even granted a farewell Eulogy.

I browsed google and actually came across a recipe for cooking an elephant foot, and will include it below.

If you are ever in a situation where you need to cook an elephant due to "old mother Hubbard Syndrome" this should come in handy.personally I hope you never are in this situation, but hey, you never know.

Title: How To Cook An Elephant
Yield: 50 Servings

1 Elephant foot
Oil; to taste
Vinegar; to taste
Salt; to taste
Freshly-ground black pepper; - to taste

Although the flesh of the elephant is extremely coarse, the foot and trunk are excellent, if properly cooked. A hole should be dug in the earth, about 4 feet deep and 2 feet six inches in diameter, the sides of which should be perpendicular; in this a large fire should be lighted, and kept burning for four or five hours with a continual supply of wood, so that the walls became red-hot. At the expiration of the blaze, the foot should belaid upon the glowing embers, and the hole should be covered closely with thick pieces of greenwood laid parallel together to form a ceiling: this should be covered with wet grass, and the hole should be plastered with mud, and stamped lightly down to retain the heat. Upon the mud a quantity of earth should be heaped, and the oven should not be opened for thirty hours or more. At the expiration of that time, the foot will be perfectly baked and the sole will seperate like a shore and expose a delicate substance that with a little oil and vinegar, together with an allowance ofpepper and salt, is a delicious dinner that will serve about 50 MEN!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe Source:Sir S. W. BakerDownloaded from - http://www.servtech.com/public/tymny